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Deepika Padukone donning an Alexander McQueen

The world of showbiz is huge. Even the Fashion industry is huge for that matter. It takes days to make one masterpiece and once it’s worn by a celebrity, the dress officially gets tagged as ‘old’. Forgotten is the hard work, forgotten is the price and many such things.

So, if Kareena Kapoor wears a saree and the next day some one else wears it, it has been ‘copied’ from her style. Factors like they just liked it equally, it suited them better, it was a gift, its just a saree and all are not considered.

So, female celebrities all over the world are very particular about not repeating or clashing outfits. Though they make sure of it, its practically not possible. One such event would be Kangana Ranaut and Emma Stone wearing the same Burberry outfit. Coincidence? Maybe!

Now very recently, at two different award shows, two of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood and Bollywood wore the SAME dress. Ouch! Lets take a look!

deepika padukone

Deepika Padukone donned an Alexander McQueen gown while attending the star screen awards. She wore it brilliantly. That updo, the collar, the neck, the make up everything looked fab until I saw the same dress on Kate Hudson. Now I’m not sure if that’s just the picture quality or the heavy dark make up. Whatever it is, after looking at Kate Hudson, I realized, the make up probably is making the dress look a bit, how do I say it? Dull I guess, comparatively.

kate hudson

Hmm.. Kate Hudson wore the same Alexander McQueen gown at the Golden Globe red carpet. I LOVE how she let her hair done, swept it side ways and posed for the pictures in her million dollar smile. The dress looked really pretty on her petite frame and the box clutch and those metallic rings finished her look.

But! Though I really like Kate Hudson’s make up, the gown, I’m quite sure it looks more prettier on our dusky beauty, Deepika. } else {

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