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Sanjay Dutt’s repeated paroles questioned by MHA!

Looks like Sanjay Dutt’s parole drama is about to come to an end now. After it was extended for the fourth time now till March 19th, the Ministry of Home Affairs sent for a report on the parole from the Maharashtra government on the whole issue.

Siting that his wife Manyata Dutt was not well, he came out of the jail on December 21st and was supposed to go back on the 21st of Jan, it then got extended to Feb 21st and now to March 21st. Just as he was coming out on parole, Sanjay Dutt’s wife was seen partying away, causing a lot of people to question it, and then a few days after that, it was said that she was admitted to a hospital for a tumor and stayed there for just about a couple of days, making us wonder if the whole thing was cooked up.

While he was serving the term, Sanjay Dutt also came out in the past in October for a period of fifteen days siting Manyata’s illness as the reason once again. We will have to wait and see what the Ministry of Home Affairs will do about this..

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