PICS: Shahrukh Khan’s various body parts have been injured. Take a look!

Bollywood actor, Shahrukh Khan who recently injured himself on the sets of Happy New Year, is now suffering a head injury, a fractured shoulder and a torn knee patella tissue. The actor, despite the sever injury, is still shooting for the film. But you know what? This is not his first time. Right from the beginning, Shahrukh has hurt himself real bad and the actor says, these injuries have only pushed him to work harder. We hear, every time SRK was physically hurt, he made sure to return to shoot within a weeks time. While this might be a good thing for the filmmakers, it is doing no good to the actors health.

Physiotherapist Dr Aijaz Ashai says, “I’m sure Shah Rukh is exercising regularly. He needs to work on building muscle around joints and increase the endurance of muscle fibre. He also needs to rest for a while so an injury can heal. He has a flexible body and many people guiding him”

Meanwhile, we bring to you Shahrukh Khan’s long list of injury woes, and we are sure you will be left shocked!

Ribs fractured: This was the first time SRK injured himself while shooting for a film. On the sets of English Babu Desi Mem, in 1996, the actor fractured three of his ribs. But within a few days, he was back on his feet shooting for his next, Trimurti.

Knee injury: During an action sequence in Koyla, in 1997, SRK broke his knee. And guess what? He continued to shoot despite sever pain, as he did not want the filmmaker to go in losses. Later, he had to undergo a surgery.

Right toe injured: In 1998, Shahrukh injured his right toe while shooting shooting for Mani Ratnam’s Dil Se. Apparently, he was hurt while jumping from a height.

Deep cut on the chest: In the same year, 1998, Shahrukh, while shooting for Duplicate, had to wear a costume which resulted in a big cut on his chest. He was rushed to the hospital, where he then got multiple stitches.

Right ankle fractured: This happened in the year 2001, on the sets of One 2 Ka 4. He fractured his right ankle and hence was rushed to the hospital.

Back injury: Shahrukh Khan injured his back for the first time in 2003, while shooting for an action sequence for Shakti – The Power. He was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc. He very carelessly ignored the pain till in 2003, while filming Chalte Chalte it got even more sever and had to undergo surgery.

Shoulder injury: While shooting a cameo in Dulha Mil Gaya in 2010, the actor broke his left shoulder. He had to undergo a surgery because the got unbearable. The next year, 2011, Shahrukh hurt his right shoulder while shooting for Ra.One, and had to undergo a major surgery. The pain relapsed in 2013, while shooting for Chennai Express and the actor once again underwent a surgery.

Head injury, fractured shoulder and torn knee patella tissue: In a recent incident, while shooting for Happy New Year, a door weighing 80 kgs fell on Shahrukh Khan head resulting in a minor head injury, a fractured shoulder and torn knee patella tissue.

Meanwhile, take a look at Shahrukh Khan’s various injuries and the fashion statement he has made so far with the slings and crutches.

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