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Madhuri Dixit says that her husband is not insecure about her!

Madhuri Dixit, is the undoubted queen of Bollywood, even at this age she has youngsters going all “gaga” about her. Like, Ranbir Kapoor left no stone un-turned about admitting his love for the evergreen diva. He had even said he’d love to ask her out on a date. Ranveer Singh recently joked that the Gangnam step was first performed by Madhuri in ‘Ek Do Teen’.

With the b-town boys going mad about her, one wonders how hubby dearest reacts to it all. When asked, Madhuri blushed, “Don’t worry, Dr Nene is not insecure at all. “Appreciating the openness of the younger generation, she added, “Praising was not really a habit back then. Nobody praised each other. I was the first one who started that. I appreciated those who performed well. These young actors…they are so open. They vibe well, appreciate each other and that’s wonderful.
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