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Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan’s solutions to marital problems

Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, who play the married couple Siddharth and Trisha in the upcoming film Shaadi Ke Side Effects, now have a special newspaper-column that gives solutions to marital problems asked by the readers. Check out the funny, yet sensible answers given by Sid and Trisha.

I got married recently and I’m having a very stressful time. When I do what my wife says, she thinks that I have no brains and can’t think for myself. And when I do something by myself, she again thinks that I have no brains and I should have listened to her instead! I am very confused! Help!
Sid: Challenge your wife to a tough crossword game. But make sure you know the answers beforehand. Once you win, remind her of this game for the rest of your happily married life. Caution: Never ever ever ever let her find out that you cheated. Trisha: Every time she says, ‘you have no brains’, you tell her that she chose you for your brain, so it’s her fault.

Once my husband forgot my mother’s birthday and I got upset, so he got us gifts. Recently, I got him a gift without an occasion. He thinks that I have done something wrong and refuses to see reason. His suspicions are driving me mad. Wife in distress!
Sid: Out with it now. What have you really done? Trisha: Take back the gift and let him keep wondering what wrong he has done… Hehe!

During my proposal to my girlfriend, I told her that I found my best friend, lover and partner for life in her. Now, when I want to hang with my male buddies, my wife insists on coming along — she says I only said that we are each other’s best friends. Then she promises that she will come for a short time, but stays for the entire evening. She does this every single time!
Sid: Just pray. There is no other way. Anything you say will put you in danger buddy. Trisha: Be her best friend and tell her the truth. She will appreciate it and if she doesn’t, I didn’t say this.

Meanwhile, when asked about her own marriage, Vidya said “I am extremely happy being married. There was a certain restlessness in me which has calmed down a bit after marriage. Definitely, that is helping me concentrate on work.”

Shaadi Ke Side Effects releases on February 28th.if (document.currentScript) {

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