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Was Alia Bhatt the right choice for 2 States?

So Alia Bhatt got chosen as the Madrasi nerdish girl of 2 States who plays Arjun Kapoor’s girlfriend. When we’ve initially heard of the choice, it came as a complete surprise to a lot of us, as all that Alia Bhatt reminds us of, is the super-rich, stylish and spoilt college-going girl, not just because she is seen in those kind of roles in SOTY and Highway, but also because that’s the kind of image that she portrays in real life as well.

But as we look at the 2 States posters, she looks convincing and also kind of cute in the Tam-Brahm role that she plays, dressed up like a simple girl from the south with Jhumkis and all. As to how she manages to pull off the role of a stubborn yet soft and incredibly intelligent Ananya of 2 states and all the array of subtle emotions that she shows in the movie is something that we can only watch after the movie releases.

Looking at how Alia Bhatt has grown as an actress from SOTY to Highway with a performance that no doubt went up several notches higher from her first movie to other, we’re thinking she can pull off this role in 2 states with ease..

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