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Style watch: Karisma Kapoor nails the casual look

Well, well, well. Look who’s back with a bang! Who knew Karisma Kapoor had it in her to rise back after such a fall?

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit too harsh but did you see her last appearance? Her Ravage top was to die for BUT what did she team it up with. Was it a towel? or leggings? I cannot, for the life of me, understand. You can check what she wore here.

Shocking right? When you look at what she wore then and what she’s wearing now, its totally astounding. I can only compare this to the phoenix rising form the ashes metaphor. Truly.

Though, wethinks the that the top was a bit loose for her, we aren’t complaining. In fact, we commend her on such a drastic change. Baby steps Lolo, baby steps.

Completing her look were blue denims, nude pumps and a black Chanel bag. Her hair colour was just amazing, dazzling, million dollar smile did it for us! Karisma Kapoor looked extremely gorgeous in this simple attire and this look reminded us why we loved her so much! She’s such a doll!

Her make up was very  neat, she looked a little tired and her under eye bags weren’t concealed properly but that’s all right, we can give her a pass for that! Her top, her watch, her shoes and her lipstick were all pretty well coordinated and fortunately, this matching shebang didn’t go the sad way.

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