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Post molestation charges, Subhash Kapoor goes underground

We had reported about how actress Geetika Tyagi had exposed the real face of Subhash Kapoor on social networking sites, recently. The actress has decided to file a police complaint against the filmmaker, accusing him of molesting her. But Mr. Kapoor is not to be found anywhere. He has apparently gone underground and cannot be contacted.

However, their common friend Danish Raza, scriptwriter, refutes charges laid by Geetika saying, “Geetika trapped Subhash by using me.” He further explains, “She had initially told me that ‘Subhash had got senti and he tried to come on to me (sic)’. She had further said that they got physical but they didn’t go the whole way and that she told him to stop and he stopped and left.” He further says, “Earlier, she had said that she went into the bedroom but later she changed her version saying Subhash had dragged her in the bedroom,” says Danish.
Says Geetika, “Let Danish say whatever he wants to in front of the police. I have not changed my version, it remains the same and I never spoke to Danish, Subhash has accepted it on camera that he is sorry, I have all the recordings. Both, Danish and his wife insisted I meet Subhash and sort out the matter. They have been discouraging me to go to the cops.”

While Geetika, in her interview says, that Subhash (who was introduced to her by Danish about seven years back), had been messaging her to meet him for some days (around mid-2012), Danish insists that Geetika had been pestering him to call Subhash for a get-together after the release of his second film, Phas Gaye Re Obama. “We would occasionally meet, but after the release of his second film she began pestering me to call Subhash for a get-together,” says Danish.

Refuting her other allegation that he (Danish) would never go against Subhash as he was making inroads into Bollywood, Danish says, “The incident happened two years back and I was clearly on Subhash’s side. After that Subhash had two projects and I had nothing to do with them. I never worked with him commercially. If I would have had any commercial interest I would have sided with Geetika, who had taken me to Anurag Kashyap with a script, which I wanted to do with her in the lead. She had further put me on to Kumar Mangat and introduced me to many other filmmakers.” He further adds, buy cialis daily online “Geetika would say, ‘Apne hi log mujhe cast nahi kar rahe hain’. She was referring to Subhash, who had cast her in a film in a small role which never took off.” Geetika refused to reply to any other queries saying that she was issuing a press statement.

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