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Bollywood horror movies: Is there an element of horror in them at all?

Bollywood horror movies huh? I don’t want to sound “winy” but come on you’ve got to admit it there is less of horror and more of sex in our films. Let’s take for example Murder, I bought the DVD thinking it’s going to be a bloody scary movie but my girlfriends and me landed up watching something that was more like soft porn instead!

Bollywood horror films have been a sub-genre of the Hindi film industry since its early days that haven’t really fascinated the crowd. Can’t blame them ’cause we barely have an horror movies that are freaky and scary. The films generally consist of darkness, an old mansion, or an evil being in search of power or revenge and of course rain dance, misfit romance and all mushy things that should otherwise be a part of romantic films. Very few of them have surprisingly done some decent business at the box office.

It’s no task to outline the horror archetype in Bollywood. We have some cliched boundaries that are never exploited. How boring! White sari clad women roaming about deserted mansions holding an ominous candle, humming a haunting tune. Now that is Bollywood’s idea of a typical horror film.

I have no freaking clue why directors are so stuck with the idea of a top-notch heroine running around trees and a hero who is over 40 and is struggling to look like he is in his 20’s roaming in the snow in the middle of no where! Come on man, take a look at the Hollywood films. They actually scare the living crap out of you! While filmmakers in in other countries have explored its potential to scare beyond beliefour Bollywood film makers on the other hand are still stuck with ‘jaadu tona’ and ‘tabeez’ concept.

With Darr In The Mall releasing I hope this one is not yet another epic fail in this unexplored genre. Till then take your girlfriends out for a romantic movie instead ’cause they are not going to get scared and cling to your arms while they watch Bollywood horror movies! otc aciclovir tablets uk

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