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Anushka Sharma’s controversies: Bad, sad and ugly!

Stars and their controversies, ufff! They are inseparable and can never get enough of each other. And the our celeb this week is Anushka Sharma. Yes yes she is beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and everything but that hasn’t been spared her the horror of being the target for all the controversies. Anushka Sharma’s controversies are sleazy, funny and ugly too. We will tell you her top 5 controversies!

lip job

anushka sharma
Anushka you are beautiful! I’m sure many people would have told that to you. Then why on earth would you go and get your face tampered? Seriously was that lip job needed? Worse of all it made her look ugly as hell! She looks like Joker from the Batman. She later on went and gave an explanation that it she didn’t go under the knife and that she she has been using “lip enchancing” stuff and some make up techniques. Whatever it is you better off before all this.

sushanth singh rajput

anushka sharma
Anushka has got a lot of attitude. Don’t believe us? Have a look at what she said about Sushant Singh Rajput on Koffee With Karan and then you’ll know. “Sushant has only eight days of work (in Raj Kumar Hirani’s PeeKay). He is just a small chapter in my life.” Why would you do that babe? Even you started small in this industry, don’t forget that darling.

ranveer singh

anushka sharma
Okay now this is old gossip that never gets cold. Even today when people think about Anushka’s love life Ranveer’s name pops up first and vice-versa. They painted the town with their sizzling chemistry on and off scree. But all good things come to an end and so did this. Apparently the third person in their relationship was none other than Deepika Padukone. Ouch!

virat kholi

anushka sharma
“We are just good friends.” When any Bollywood celeb tells this rest assured they are dating in full swing. Otherwise we wouldn’t have caught them kissing or sneaking in and out of dates and taking a stroll. Virat Kholi is one of India’s most eligible bachelors and a super hot cricketer. They definitely make a good couple, so I think they should just admit it and live happily after!

Matru ki bijli ka mandola

anushka sharma
Everyone makes mistakes but no one makes mistakes like this. The name of the film itself is so sad and then one expressionless Imran Khan and a miserable story! Baah! There are way too many unfortunate incidents in this one movie. The only good thing about this film was Anushka Sharma tattoo on her lower back that read “dekho magar pyaar se”.
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