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REVEALED: Why was Shahrukh Khan annoyed while on the plane!

We all know how big a star Shahrukh Khan is. We have heard of fans going crazy just to get a glimpse of the king of Bollywood. And this latest bit is simply mind blowing. Apparently, the superstar create a frenzy on a Mumbai bound flight recently, on returning from Malaysia after finishing his Temptation Reloaded tour.

So, what actually happened?

While on the flight, one of the attendants made it known to one and all that Shahrukh Khan is one of their passengers. On hearing that, everyone went crazy, while some shouted his name aloud, others were busy falling over one another just to get a glimpse of him. There were a few who also went clickety click of the actor and begged him for autographs. In short, the passengers went completely ballistic.

Says one of the passengers, Rohit Nag who was on the same flight said, “When I checked-in, I could see that the Malaysian airline staff was really excited. The pilot too was over the moon about flying SRK. Not only did the air hostess welcome the star, but the pilot went on to announce that SRK was on board. After that it was absolute mayhem.”

Apparently, there came a point when things got out of control. It got really difficult for the staff to control the crowd surrounding the star. “Food on the flight was also served pretty late”, says another passenger.

The passengers refused to get back to their seats and were simply hanging around the actor. How embarrassed he must have been, na? We wonder how he must have handled this awkward situation.

Meanwhile, take a look at the fan frenzy when Shahrukh passes through a security check, among fans and the cops.

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