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Marathi film Yellow impresses Salman Khan!!

What more could a producer ask for than have a star as big as Salman Khan come out and vouch for your film all by himself? And this is just what happened to Ritesh Deshmukh who is venturing in the Marathi film industry as a producer with the film, Yellow. Yellow impressed Salman Khan so much that he took to twitter to praise it. Knowing how Salman Khan doesn’t write lengthy tweets and all of that, he just wrote a word on the movie, “YELLOW 4th april …(sic)” from which we could make out that he was clearly seen vouching for it.

Ritesh Deshmukh who was really happy when he saw that none other than the Bhai was impressed with his film re tweeted Salman Khan’s tweet saying, “Marathi film coming soon RT”@BeingSalmanKhan: YELLOW 4th april…”

Yellow is being produced by Uttung Thakur and Ritesh Deshmukh together and is being directed by the cinematographer turned directed Mahesh Limaye who is debuting with Yellow as a director. Upendra Limaye, Mrinal Kulkarni and Manoj Joshi, the popular Marathi actors play the lead in the movie. What’s really interesting about the movie is that it is based on the Down’s syndrome and has Gauri Gadgil playing the girl affected with it. After hearing all this about Yellow, we’d sure want to watch the film even if we don’t understand the language!if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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