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Dishkiyaoon was going to be a 15-minute film!

Dishkiyaoon, the big action comeback of Harman Baweja that we are all really waiting for, was initially going to be made as a short film that was going to last only for fifteen minutes, the director Sanamjit Talwar revealed recently. Sanamjit Talwar was a new director who will be debuting with this film and he thought that it would be better for him to make a short film first before he can make a full length one.

So why is it that he made a long film out of Dishkiyaoon instead? “Though in Hollywood you can approach actors for short films, Bollywood has its own system. Hence it was understandable when Harman gave me that look on being offered the part in the short film. Even though it was designed as that of a central protagonist, doing a short film was a no-no for him” was the director’s reply to that, clearly stating that it was upon Harman’s choice that he had to make a big film instead.

And was it difficult for Sanamjit to extend the plot to a 3 hour long one? “I already had the beginning and the end of the script; it was a matter of putting in more interesting characters, situations and conflicts. I worked on it for a week and once Harman gave a go ahead, he introduced me to Shilpa Shetty and Lullas of Eros.Soon enough, I could dream bigger. My idea of making a 15 minutes film had now graduated to a two hour long film. Guess it was all destined” the Dishkiyaoon director says, clearly not regretting that he had to make the fifteen minutes movie into a three hour long one..

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