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Darr @ The Mall Review: A horror movie even for the weak-hearted ones!

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star cast: Jimmy Shergill, Nushrat Bharucha, Arif Zakaria, Asif Basra, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Shradha Kaul, Neeraj Sood

Director: Pawan Kripalani

What’s Good: The film has its share of spine chilling moments without getting too funny(Indian horror movies are more like comedy!).

What’s Bad: The film is copied from multiple sources and falls into the realm of typical horror films.

Loo break: Not needed, unless you have a really weak bladder!

Darr @ the Mall movie review: The movie is directed by Pawan Kripalani of Ragini MMS fame. Darr @ The Mall features stars like Jimmy Shergill, Nushrat Bharucha and Arif Zakaria in the lead roles. The movie which is produced by Multi Screen Media (MSM) and Contiloe Entertainment is based on a haunted mall. Let’s get Darr @ The Mall Review – ed!

The largest mall in Asia is all set for its inauguration, but there is a certain myth attached to it, the mall is apparently haunted by ghostly creatures! To shred away all the negative publicity, the owner of the mall decides to announce to the world that he and his board of directors will spend a night in the mall. They aren’t the only ones in the mall Manchanda’s daughter Ahana & her junky friends make their way inside, so does 24 year old Vishnu, the chief of security at the Mall. It doesn’t take long for the inevitable to strike! Their stories connect and they are lead to the mysterious past!

The director of the movie has done a tremendous job in making a good movie which keeps you on edge of your seats all the time. There is a perfect blend of mystery and the horror quotient in the movie which might keep a certain section of the crowd hooked to the movie till the end! Out of the whole star cast, Jimmy Shergill’s performance stands out. And the special effects used in the movie are good when compared to the ones used in other Bollywood movies earlier. All in all, Darr @ the Mall is a decent movie which the horror genre affectionados should watch atleast once.

Star Performances: Jimmy Shergill does a decent job.. He keeps his glee at peak and plays the role with quite ease that it won’t be incorrect to say the man’s caliber is the right blend of experienced and nascent.

Nushrat shows his energy very well! After a comparatively less inspired performance in Akaash Vani last year, this movie marks a concederable improvement in her acting and horror(pun intended) skills!

Arif Zakaria isn’t at his memorable best neither is Asif Basra and the rest of the cast could easily have been avoided.

Watch it or Miss it?: Darr @ The Mall is a movie which isn’t entirely watchable as it’s extremely repetitive plagued with loopy writing. The makers tried really hard to trick in the horror diktats and does so extremely tautly to its credit. The movie is an entertainer only if you are ready to forgive the senseless plot that relies on familiar tropes to scare you. The fall-off-your-seats jumping moments are multiple and that allows ample room for you to relish your popcorn with another passable film. The movie though very low on novelty, manages to deliver quite a few scary scenes!

Darr @ The Mall Review – Watch the trailer!

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