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Will Sanjay Dutt ever go back to jail?

Although Sanjay Dutt is supposedly been going through a jail term from the last 10 months, after being convicted for possession of illegal weapons in the Mumbai blasts of 1993, he’s been out of jail for over a period of four months now.

It was under the reason that Manyata Dutt’s health wasn’t well that Sanjay Dutt got out back in December 2013 and since then he hasn’t gone back getting extension after extension and now, it has once again been announced by the deputy commissioner of police, Tukaram Pawar that he can stay out of jail till March 21st which supposedly is the last extension. But why is it that Sanjay Dutt is being granted extension so many times despite Manyata keeping well is something we completely fail to understand.

It is just not fair to let the rich and popular people have things easy, and Sanju Baba is setting such a bad example to the whole of the country despite being loved so much by all of this fans over the county. the cheapest price for cialis 20mil

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