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Shaadi Ke Side Effects: Farhan and Vidya give a quick fix solution to typical problems!

Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, who will be seen playing the role of Siddharth and Trisha in the soon the release Shaadi Ke Side Effects, try and give a quick-fix solutions to trivial problems in a humorous ways.

My wife and I used to watch television together, but I always ended up watching things I didn’t want to. So, I got myself a small TV, but she has moved it to the kitchen, saying we need it for the entertainment of our domestic help, so that she doesn’t leave our house for someone else’s. I have no TV and choice in channels! I can’t afford a third TV either. What do I do?
Sid: Watch TV at her best friend’s house. In no time, your TV will be returned to you.
Trisha: Watch TV with your maid in the kitchen, your wife will get the point.

I have been dating my boyfriend since college and every time I bring up marriage, he says we are young. More than 10 years have passed, but he still says what is the hurry. How do I knock some sense into him?
Sid: I’m too young to comment on this.
Trisha: Play Knock Knock with him and when he says, ‘Who is there?’ Say: ‘Your married ex-girlfriend. If he is smart, he’ll get the drift.. If not, you please drift.



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