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Kareena Kapoor praises the work of Huma Qureshi and Mahie Gill!

Kareena Kapoor who seldom ever praises other actresses especially when it comes to their acting calibre has taken us all by surprise when she said that she thought Huma Qureshi and Mahie Gill had a great talent.

In a recent interview, Kareena Kapoor talked about how she was happy to see a lot of newcomers with great talent making their mark in bollywood. And here’s what she said, “I think there are too many talented actresses around, even newcomers are doing great work. People from small towns are coming in films and leaving a mark like Huma Qureshi and Mahie Gill. Every one is doing fine.”

So does Bebo feel insecure about all the competetion that she is having to face from all of these actresses? “It feels great and is a compliment. I think it is all about talent. Acting is something I have always been passionate about. New people will come and those who are talented will be here for a long time” was what Kareena Kapoor said, in a very evasive and indirect reply.

She also talked about her husband Saif Ali Khan saying that it is hollywood that he truly deserves to be in, “He is an evolved man and an actor. I think he will make a great actor in Hollywood because he has immense talent. I think he is fit to be there… He has the looks, talent and attitude” said the vanity queen talking about it.

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