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Emraan Hashmi’s insanely terrifying look in Mr.X !!!

Trust Vikram Bhatt to come up with some really terrifying and bizarre idea for a movie and this is what he does!! In a never-seen-before scary look, Emraan Hashmi who along with Vikram Bhatt is coming up with the psycho-thriller Mr.X, is already beginning to scare us.

And guess who’s idea getting this face was? Emran Hashmi himself apparently. As the make up men were struggling to decide on what look they must come up with that looks strikingly terrifying for Mr.X, Emraan Hashmi researched on it and came up with this one, which all of the cast liked and that’s how the look happened.

Vikram Bhatt speaks about how the look got finalized saying, “Our make-up artistes tried different looks but none were satisfactory. Then Emraan came up with one and when he showed it to me and bingo! We got the look!It took him four hours to get the makeup right and he will have to go through the same ordeal every time he has to face the camera.”

But somehow, despite all the really gory and creepy face, Emraan Hashmi’s baby eyes don’t look all the scary and intense don’t you think? Or it is probably got something to do with the fact that we’ve seen him as the serial kisser so many times that we can’t really imagine him as a serial killer.We seriously hope that Emraan pulls off the psycho character in Mr.X well.
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