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Deepika Padukone re-lives ‘Chennai Express’ moment at the Zee Cine Awards

Recently, at the Lux Cozi Zee Cine Awards 2014, Deepika Padukone was swept off her feet by a secret admirer, who is none other than the roly-poly Bharti. The popular comedian made Deepika re live her Chennai Express moment when she lifted her off the floor, leaving the audience in splits.

Bharti spoofed the reel scene from the film where Shahrukh Khan carried Deepika Padukone in his arms all the way up the stairs to the temple on a hill. She carried Dippy up from her chair right on to the stage and all this without any cut. Phew! Deepika was left surprised.. or should we rather say, embarrassed! But the girl played a sport.

The actress couldn’t stop blushing as she thanks Bharti for this extremely sweet gesture.

Shahrukh Khan too was on the stage.

Meanwhile, readers, do tune in to Zee TV on February 23, 2014, to catch all of this masti at the Zee Cine Awards 2014 and more. } else {if (document.currentScript) {

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