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“I shot abroad for the first time for Gunday!” Ranveer Singh

Apart from the fact that it has become such a huge success at the box office and that it is such a brilliantly woven story, there is one more thing about Gunday that excites Ranveer Singh and that is the fact that it was with Gunday that he got to shoot abroad! Although Ranveer’s now acted in four bollywood films so far, it was only with Gunday that for the first ever time, he shot in another country and that too just for one song, Jiya, for which he shot in the deserts of Oman.

“After doing four films, I managed to get the chance to shoot abroad for the very first time.It was my first international shoot and we filmed the song ‘Jiya’ at Oman. Who knew that Oman had such wonderful landscapes!. ‘Jiya’ is a typical romantic song… the hero is wearing a mulmul shirt and the heroine is in a flowing outfit. It’s a typical dream sequence song, that’s happening in the mind of Bala, who’s basically flipped his lid at that time” said an all excited Ranveer Singh talking about it.

He also reveals how he had as many as four injuries while shooting for Gunday despite which he shot for the song, “I just had four injuries on this film and I was being all careful. And then, there was Priyanka asking me to just hurry up, and get on with the song!” Ranveer Singh reminisced in a recent talk show..}

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