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Vidya Balan confirms once again that she is not pregnant!

It looks like although Vidya Balan cleared the air about her not being pregnant, with the lady even joking about how she would have to meet husband Siddharth Roy Kapur for getting pregnant and how she is too busy for that, the media continues to question her about it and each time she patiently re confirms that she is not.

“And to put the record straight, I am not pregnant. I cannot even think of starting a family this year because I have my work commitments and it would be unprofessional on my part to commit to my producers and then back ” Vidya Balan said at a recent interview confirming that she is not just not pregnant but doesn’t intend on getting pregnant for atleast a year to come.

Well, we really can’t blame the media, as it was Vidya Balan who said right after her marriage many a times about how she loves kids and how she would soon like to have one.

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