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Trap or slap! Actress slaps Jolly LLB director for supposed molestation

A video has been doing rounds on Twitter which sees Geetika Tyagi, a former journalist and now actress accusing Jolly LLB director, Subash Kapoor of molesting her one and a half years ago. Geetika tweeted out the link to a video in which she accuses director Subhash Kapoor of forcing himself upon her.

She titled the video Subhash Kapoor’s True Face. The 30 mins long video sees the girl discussing the incident with Kapoor and his wife Dimple Kharbanda. Geetika is seen crying bitterly and also goes on to slap the filmmaker, who seemed to have admitted to his mistake and was pleading for apologies.

In the video’s description, Tyagi has written the following: “My intentions for uploading this video are: a) to caution those girls who will come in contact with this man, Subhash Kapoor, socially or professionally and will make the mistake of looking up to him as father-figure or as an elder brother and trust him and b) for all girls who, if god forbid become victims of sexual assault, not to give in to pleading of their attacker’s wife, sister, mother, daughter or any woman who claims to be suffering and asks for your forgiveness for attacker. … It is not easy to upload this. Like that sexual assault this too is invasion of my privacy that I am compelled to compromise by my own conscious to expose what Subash Kapoor did to me. A woman suffers in both the scenarios, when she stays quiet and when she speaks up. I hope this fate does not befall on any woman anywhere.”

Meanwhile, Geetika was recently seen in film including, One By Two and What the Fish.

Watch the shocking video here:

PS: Skip to 19:18 to see her slap him hard.


  1. abhishek trivedi

    February 19, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    geetika you slapped him its ok…..but tell me why you slept with him.?

    • Neharika

      February 20, 2014 at 6:15 pm

      exactly. nail on the head.

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