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Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t want Zee TV to air Priyanka’s reactions to his dance!

For some reason, Shah Rukh Khan who is usually unperturbed to rumors about his personal life has reacted very strongly to how Zee TV is going to be airing Priyanka Chopra’s reactions to his dance at the Zee Cine Awards function. He’s apparently asked them (more precisely, ordered them) to chop off the parts in the award function video where Priyanka’s reactions to his dance are shown. But isn’t it very natural for the TV to show how an alleged lover reacts to a star’s dance? In fact, without that part, the dances would get really boring wouldn’t they?

So what is it that caused King Khan to react so strongly to that? Was it because he thought he’s had enough of these link up rumors or was it because it would annoy Gauri? Whatever the reason is, the people behind Zee TV better listen to him and see to it that the reactions are not aired..if it’s miffed Shah Rukh Khan, it’s got to be taken seriously!

Meanwhile, Zee TV is facing its own problems what with the whole award function video getting accidentally deleted and them losing 22 crores as a result. They are working on re-making the video with all the camera footages though and it will soon be aired once it gets done.if (document.currentScript) { document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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