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Last night’s look: And the award goes to Ileana D’Cruz

♫ Glossy lips, uff yeah tricks, Baby lagdi hai killer, Oh yeah oh yeah, Katal kare tera bomb figure!! ♫

This is the song that comes to my mind when I think of Ileana D’Cruz. I mean just look at her at the Louis Philippe Pro Golf Event. So gorgeous!

If I were to hashtag this look of her, the hashtags would range from #ohsoCinderella, #princessinDior, #silmandtrim, #breathtakingsmile #lovelylady, #fairytaleprincess and the list would never end.

We are very proud of Ileana’s success as a Bollywood celebrity and we cannot think of anyone who’d be more deserving of this fame and success. She’s a simple girl, hailing from a small town with nothing but dreams and a passion to work hard. To me, I think it was her determination that got her here and I really admire her for this. In an industry where talent is in abundant, many give up and many go ashtray, but that wasn’t the case with Ileana D’Cruz.

Wow, I really divert from the topic like itsnomansbusiness! So, if you look at her gown, except for the fact that it’s a Dior couture, noting is great about it. I mean the fitting is perfect, the length, the frill and all the technical things are perfect, but the way she’s worn it makes so much of difference! Her hair do is perfect and those charcoal eyes and glossy lips like I said are killer!

Also love her huge ring, gives her a perfect Cinderella appeal. Brownie points for not wearing a statement neck piece and just opting for some delicate earrings! I really want to see how Deepika Padukone would carry this look. I would also want to know how Piggy Chopps would carry but I’m pretty sure she’d never wear such a dress. It’s just not her type!

What do you guys think of this look?

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