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Kareena Kapoor shot with international production for ice-cream brand!

After hotties like Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria, it’s time for Kareena Kapoor to become the brand ambassador of Magnum ice-cream India.

On Sunday, Kareena shot her first ad for the ice cream.

To ensure quality work and international standards, the same team which shot the ads for the two enchanting Evas, Mendes and Longoria, was flown into Mumbai from New York for the Sunday ad.

Taking a break from the very stylish ad-shoot on Sunday, Kareena said, “It’s amazing to work with international brands and teams. Yes, I am shooting an ad with the crew that did the ads for Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria. Their style of working is very different from our own very talented ad-makers.

About not having her favourite designer Manish Malhotra on board Kareena says, “Manish is family. There is no question of replacing him. I just wanted to try another stylist for this ad. We all need to work with different people, experience new strains of creativity. Or we stagnate. And to me stagnation is death.

The actress who has now washed her hands off Karan Johar’s Shuddhi is getting ready to shoot Dev Benegal’s Bombay Samurai in May.

While it’s too early to discuss her role one has good reason to believe that Kareena would be kicking serious ass in the film. If sources are to be believed she has heavy-duty action scenes to perform in Benegal’s scenes.

Both Farhan Akhtar and Kareena go into intense training to look fighting-fit for Benegal’s film.

And Kareena needs to again lose some more weight for the role.

Not Size 0, God forbid! But I need to look leaner especially since my co-star is one of most sinewy guys in our cinema,” laughs Kareena.
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