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Kangana Ranaut loved her role in Queen!

We absolutely love how Kangana Ranaut gets completely into the skin of all her roles and brings a lot of intensity into them and from what we hear that’s exactly what she’s been doing for her role in Queen as well, with the role being a lot more challenging to her. Kangana plays the role of a small town Rajauri girl who gets dumped at the altar and then goes on her honeymoon anyway all by herself discovering herself and transforming completely in her journey.

For this role, she was supposed to play a very conservative girl at the beginning and then transform into a very bold and lively girl in the later half. Apparently, Kangana was very excited to play the role especially in the second half of the movie.

Here’s what director Vikas Bahl says, speaking about it, “Kangana’s inputs played a huge role in shaping the character of Rani. Her excitement about shooting for the film, especially the second half, was natural, as she would finally get to transform and sport her infectious smile.”

And this is what Kangana herself has got to say about her very special role in Queen, “I could visualize QUEEN having the best time of her life in the most beautiful places on this Earth. I could not wait to get on my single honeymoon” sounding just like herself..!


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