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Hrithik Roshan chooses to do his own stunts despite ill health!!

Hrithik Roshan was always known for being a very professional actor who does whatever it takes to make his movies reach that perfection and this time , he put his health into risk trying to do that. For Bang Bang where Hrithik was supposed to get involved in some really intense and dangerous action stunts that were shot in Shimla, he was assigned with a dupe considering how his health hasn’t been all that well post his brain surgery and all of that.

But apparently after those scenes were filmed and he saw the shots on the computer, he did not like it that much which led to him re enacting all those stunts without a dupe! Now, that is what we would call professionalism and that is why Hrithik Roshan remains to be our favourite on screen and off screen superhero..don’t you agree??

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