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Dino Morea is back with a bang!

Dino Morea, the light eyed hunk who’s had half of the country’s women fall in love with him some 5 years ago has disappeared all of a sudden from the flash light, but there’s nothing to be disappointed about as the model turned actor has only gone on a break to get formally trained in acting. So after the long hiatus, an all improvised Dino Morea is back and has only got a lot more talent along with those killer looks to show off this time around!

To add to it all, the comeback film of Dino Morea is going to be a gangster film, which would be just perfect for him to showcase his talent. But that’s all reveals about the film as of now and refuses to say anything else about it. “All I can say is that it’s a script which is brilliant – beyond fantastic” he said about it.

He is also really nervous about the movie, he adds, “I am raring to go, excited and yes, nervous too. But I am dying to show off what I learned at my course. I hope things get better from now on.” And we are dying to see what you’ve got to show us too Dino dear!
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