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Aamir Khan: Shahrukh Khan and I are not just actors but friends too!

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan who is back from a long vacation in Iceland had a gala time as he got some time spent all for himself. “I went to Hawaii earlier and learnt surfing. In Iceland, I could walk on the streets, go into a shop for a burger, skate, ski and go snorkeling in sub-zero temperature without being recognized. Once in a while I want to lead a normal life which I can’t do in India,” he sighs.

Aamir Khan who has spent 25 long years in this industry says that he wouldn’t trade this profession for any other. “Indian cinema has completed a century run and I’ve been there for a quarter of this journey, touching people’s hearts and making them laugh. It feels great,” he said.

He’s recently delivered Hindi cinema’s biggest grosser, Dhoom 3, which was Aamir Khan all the way? “Is that a criticism?” he asks with a laugh, pointing out that it was understandable he’d have more screen time since he was playing a double role and the story evolved around the twins. “If people had not liked me that would have been a problem. But given that the film did a business of Rs 285 crore in India and Rs 160 crore worldwide, I guess the majority did,” Aamir reasons.

Aamir’s daughter Ira is in 10th standard and he rues that our education system focuses on our ability to read, write and memorize. and not our ability to care, philosophize or even perform. “I got exactly 60 per cent in my board exams, that didn’t stop me from going ahead and when I look back, these marks are an insignificant blip,” he asserts.

When we asked if at all there will be any change in the relationship between him and Khan’s considering the fact that Salman and Shahrukh have burried their past differences, “Shahrukh is a friend too, we addressed the industry’s issues once, together. And not just actors, even producers, directors, musicians, technicians, exhibitors and distributors should come together as an industry to improve things within the system,” he maintains.

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