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Who wore it better? Deepika Padukone or Frieda Pinto?

Deepika Padukone was probably the most coolest and the most awesome-est celebrity. Now, you guys must have noticed the WAS instead of IS and must be scratching your heads. Let me put you out of this confusion and tell you why this is became was!

At the unveiling of Filmfare magazine, Deepika Padukone wore a white Zara dress. I am not sure if it’s a two piece cropped top and skirt or just a dress. Anyway, she teamed it up with huge trishul earrings from Eina Ahluwalia and a necklace from Mawiand. For me, so many accessories made her entire look very busy and chaotic and then those sexy yet dull sky high Louboutins didn’t help her situation.

The worst part was Farhan Akhtar dressing up for the event so casually, like he was going for his morning jog. His I-don’t-care and I’m-not-bothered dressing made Deepika Padukone look a wee bit over the top. Her only saving grace was her gracious smile.

We compared Deepika Padukone’s look with Frieda Pinto and Blake Lively. What do you guys think of this? Who do you think wore it better?

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone unveiling Filmfare
Oh God! Why would you do this to yourself Deepika? Just the other day our team gave your stylist so much credit for making you look so gorgeous all the time and now this? Did we caste eyes on your appearance? I guess we did! The dress looks alright but the statement neck piece + those Cleopatra earrings + the tan make up with coral-ish red lisptick and then the sleek pony? So not working for you babe!

Frieda Pinto

Frieda Pinto Mercedes Fashion week
So, while I was checking who I can possibly compare Deepika Padukone with and who can set a perfect example of how to wear a cropped shirt, my obvious choice was Kim Kardashian. While browsing for more, I found Frieda Pinto sporting a cropped Michael Kors outfit and boy did she nail the look? Hell yes! I mean, she even left Kim behind! From head to toe, in Michael Kors collection, Frieda looked absolutely amazing! She could have earned some brownie points had she worn matching chocolate brown nail polish like Blake but hey! we aren’t complaining. Her make up was perfect and that smokey-dewy eye effect gets 10/10!

Blake Lively

Blake Lively
And then, standing right beside her in almost every picture was this blonde goddess, Blake Lively and I just couldn’t ignore her. I know, she isn’t wearing a cropped top but just look at her. Isn’t she pretty? I fell in love with her dress and I can’t quite figure out if she’s lost weight or if it is the dress that’s making her look so gorgeously slender. What ever it is, she looks beautiful. We totally love her belt and the way she’s twisted it. P.S – Can you guys see the small and almost invisible yet so beautiful R pendant in her neck hanging off a super delicate chain? It just makes me go aww when I think of her and Ryan Reynolds as a couple.

The Gossip Girl fan in me is yelling to give her the look of the day award but I must be fair. It goes to Frieda Pinto for carrying off the cropped shirt so perfectly and for coordinating chocolate brown heels and clutch so well!

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