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Vivek Oberoi: The thought of desserts makes my mouth water

Vivek Oberoi, who recently launched the Times Food Guide 2014 in Ahmedabad, says he is a total foodie. He spoke at the event talking about his love for food and also said he loves Gujarati cuisine.

He said “I am very fond of handvo, dhokla, khandvi and I have a sweet tooth, so my favourite dessert is basundi. I love the way it is presented with lots of saffron and dry fruits in it — just the thought of this delicious sweet makes my mouth water.”

The actor also inaugurated the NaMo tea stall in Chandlodia. Talking there, he said “Chai ki kitli used to be my favourite hangout zone when I was in college. It was really difficult for most collegians to afford and indulge our tea/coffees at upmarket cafes. So my entire gang preferred having a cutting chai worth 50 paise at the kitli near my college with a vada pav costing just 1.50. Chai kitlis are just perfect to gossip with your friends and have a good time.”

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