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Imtiaz Ali: The man with a Midas touch!

There is something about Imtiaz Ali! Call it the Midas touch or pure genius, every film that he makes is super entertaining and at the same time has a message. There are a lot of happening thing in his movies (we mean a lot of PDA by the lead couple, *wink*) and in the end everything falls apart and it’s just that message that takes center stage. With his upcoming film Highway starring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda all set to hit the theaters we will tell you the best films of Imtiaz Ali!

Jab We Met

This film was path-breaking! Nothing new, it was just the same old daal served with a tadka and what a tadka! This film not only defined him as a director but also established the lead couple Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor as the most desirable artists! Simple love story with regular twists, uncomplicated and totally worth watching for the million time.

love aaj kal

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Deepika Padukone! Well that is reason enough for this film to be a huge hit but apart from that credit also goes to Imtiaz Ali for coming up with a brilliant idea like this. It is a film about new aged love v/s old school romance. He brought this concept beautifully and this film needless to say was a big hit!


Pain could not get more beautiful! We don’t mean to sound like sadists but watching Ranbir Kapoor in pain on screen gave us satisfaction, as if it was the first time all the emphasis was given to Ranbir’s acting and not just his looks. This film about a struggling artist who later on becomes a successful singer with an unfortunate love story was a masterpiece!

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