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Shaadi Ke Side Effects Music Review

Shaadi Ke Side Effects Music Review. Pritam’s music lives up to the expectations. The music director, who also did the music for Pyaar Ke Side Effects, delivers a perfect blend of peppy numbers and soulful tracks.

Harry’s not a Brahmachari is the first song in the album and the song has already been well received by fans all over. Though the background music in the song is slightly cacophonous, the lyrics add a fun element which make it worth listening to. It is sung by Jazz B, Ishq Bector and Divya Kumar; though Divya kinda dominates the song with his high pitched voice.

Tauba Main Vyaah Karke Pachtaya, sung by Shahid Mausam Mallya, Poorvi Koutish, Alam, is a song that intensifies the fun in the album. The singers croon the song to perfection under Pritam’s guidance but the lyrics are what deserve the idiomatic pat on the back. They are funny and make you laugh while you are grooving to the song.

Bawla Sa Apna is a two-version song rendered by Mohit Chauhan and the children’s version is by a girl named Diva. We think she outshines Mohit Chauhan.

Yahaan Vahaan, rendered by Farhan Akhtar, is a song that has a simple, melodious, heartfelt tune to it. Farhan has come a long way from his singing in Rock On!!. This song is a perfect example of Pritam’s ability to handle soulful tracks.

Desi romance is a perfect fusion song crooned by Arijit Singh and Suchi. Suchi’s voice makes her stand up to Arijit’s different style.

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