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OMG! Katrina Kaif exposes her innerwear in a sheer black tee, yet again

What’s with our actresses these days? Recently it was Parineeti Chopra, then yesterday, Ameesha Patel and now, it’s Katrina Kaif… Look’s like wardrobe malfunctions are no more a big concern to our Bollywood babes.

While we do know Katrina Kaif’s obsession with sheer tops, the actress off late, seems to be pretty comfortable flaunting her inner wear without any second thoughts. And interestingly, airports seems to be her favorite place.

The Dhoom girl was snapped at the Chandigarh airport while on her way to Shimla, flaunting her green sports bra through her black sheer top, yet again. The light bounced off her shimmery lingerie, giving passers by quite a view. Onlookers, half bedazzled and half amused, couldn’t help take their eyes off the diva..

Kat’s who initially never liked to expose, these days seem to have gained confident exposing her inner wear. if (document.currentScript) {

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