Katrina Kaif says, Salman Khan is just an SMS away from her

In a recent interview with a popular tabloid, Katrina Kaif busted quite a few myth, including her relationship with Salman Khan and his family. She also spoke openly about her bond with Ranbir Kapoor.

On all relationship rumours with Ranbir Kapoor, Kats says, “I can’t say anything till any bit of it is official. I might be in a relationship today but tomorrow it might break. When I give my general opinion also on relationships, people misinterpret it. So I have stopped talking about these things. It is very important to guard your life and relationship because if you won’t people will keep misinterpreting them.”

On her bond with Salman Khan and his family, the actress says, “Salman Khan is always there, he is always just a message away. I am still very much in touch with him.” She added, “Salman Khan’s sister Alvira was among the first few friends I had in this industry. Malaika’s son is a very shy boy but among the female guests, who visited Salman’s home, I was the only Katrina Kaif on a myth busting spree, reveals equation with Ranbir and Salmanone he would come to.

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