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Karisma Kapoor promoting Tempo in Ravage

When you look at her, you usually envy her. I mean, she is perfect!

Like everything about her is so fictional, in the sense, you can just read about such a beauty, you can’t picture it. Even if you do picture it, it’s in your own imagination with all the perfect features but Karisma Kapoor is a live example of perfection.

Everything about her is so perfect. Yes, I’ve mentioned that earlier but I need you guys to understand the level of perfection this gorgeous lady has attained over the years.

From her skin tone (the most coveted skin tone according to Indian standards. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against our natural brown and wheatish complexion, I love it in fact. But at large, our stereotypical society loves the ‘fairer’ skin tone, sigh!), to those glassy eyes, to her perfectly arched eyebrows to her slender arms and natural hair and that smile. God. I can almost compare her to Audrey Hepburn, except she isn’t as petite as Audrey but equally pretty nevertheless.

So, you guys can imagine my horror when I open my mail and look at Karishma Kapoor from head to toe. The first few pics were waist up and I was in awe to be honest. That blue colour really made her look so pretty. Like it got out the color in her eyes and then that delicate thread work was exceptional and then little lower that bow-ish frill was like a breath of fresh air. My heart was doing back flips when I watched in such an amazing top.

And then I noticed what she wore beneath. WTH was that? I still can’t figure it out. The slanted skirt or flowy gown or whatever it is and those black leggins/jeans? Why Karisma why? Can you please fire your stylist?

She could have totally nailed the look by wearing a fitted leather skirt in black. It would have looked amazing. Or even palazzo’s perhaps.

Her make up was perfect, her hair do was very neat. We loved the Zariin and Curio Cottage jewellery but her entire Ravage outfit by Raj Shroff is a big No No!

What do you guys think? Comment and let us know!

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