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Kareena Kapoor and Ileana D’Cruz are Bollywood’s new Besties

Yes! You read that right. Kareena Kapoor and Ileana D’Cruz have been bonding with each other like never before. Apparently, Both Bebo and Ileana bond over food, and spend unbelievable amount of time either cooking or tasting each others food.

Says Kareena, “Even before we discovered our mutual love for food we got along really well. I thought it was impossible for two leading ladies to be friends. Now I I don’t feel that.Ileana is a really sweet well brought-up girl, and completely hassle-free.We hit off when she was shooting with Saif in the US for Happy Ending.And we kept up contact in Mumbai. Now she drops in to visit Saif and I, with some yummy dish or the other that she keeps cooking up.”

While Ileana is a big fan of cooking, Bebo loves to eat. Kareena says, “I never step into the kitchen. But Ileana spends a lot of time there. Cooking is a passion for her. And she’s a fabulous cook.Just this week she sent me the most mouth-watering chocolate soufflé. I finished off the whole thing on my own.”

It is heard that Kareena is treated with a new dish made by Ileana every other day.

Says Kareena, “Ileana and I very compatible. I am very fond of her and not just for her cooking.I know it is rare for two heroines to get along. But thankfully I have found a friend right here in the entertainment industry.”

Meanwhile, Ileana D’Cruz is Saif Ali Khan’s co-star in Happy Ending.

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