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John Abraham to play Nanavati on big screen!

John Abraham who seems to have developed a liking for intense action movies (after Madras Cafe’s humungous success) has decided to act in one more of them, the movie that is going to be based on the life of navel officer Nanavati and the whole murder case. And this time, he is also going to be producing it.

Script writer Vipul K Rawal has done a thorough research on the subject and has written a really beautiful story with which John Abraham was so impressed that he decided that he would be producing it as well. The fact that Rawal comes from a naval background is another reason that the movie has come out so well, from what a source close to the actors says.

“John Abraham is kicked about the film’s story and he wants to play the naval officer, KM Nanavati” also added the source.

Supposedly, the Nanavati story has also been the inspiration for many other film makers before this, one of who has offered John Abraham to act in his film before this film happened, but since he was not too happy with the remuneration offered, he didn’t take it up. Anurag Kashyap has also planned on making a story similar to that of the murder case which will be also be made along with this movie.

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