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Deepika Padukone: I will do Shuddhi if Karan asks me to do it

Before Deepika Padukone was finalised for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela Kareena Kapoor was supposed to play the role but she left the film for reasons known best to her. Later Kareena was supposed to play the lead role in the much talked about Karan Johar film Shuddhi but she left that too and now, buzz is that Deepika Padukone will play the lead in the film.

“I haven’t been approached for the film yet. I don’t know if they (makers) know what is happening with the film,” Deepika said.

“At the point when Hrithik was doing it I would have definitely be interested in doing it. Now that he is not doing it, I don’t know what is happening with the project,” she added.

The personal problems that Hrithik is going through, made him opt out of the much talked about film. On being asked if she will do the film, she says “Yes I would do it, why not?… If Karan thinks I would do justice to it then I will do it. Though Hrithik is not doing the film, I would be okay to do the film with any other co-star. It all depends on what they plan to do with the project.”

Reportedly, the film will be directed by Karan Malhotra, who made his directorial debut with the film Agneepath.

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