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So, are Shahrukh and Priyanka connected romantically, for real?

Are they? Aren’t they? What is happening you guys? Are you still in the to-be or not-to-be stage? Will you ever come clean with your romantic escapades? If yes, when??? We are dying to know!

Well, like it or not, looks like the cat is out of the bag, as we got to know from a little birdie that Shahrukh Khan was keen on having his “close friend” Priyanka Chopra as his co-star in Farah Khan’s Happy New Year *apparently*. Adds the birdie, he flexed all his muscles to ensure that she is paired with him in the film. But unfortunately for him and fortunately for Gauri, Deepika Padukone is now cast opposite the superstar.

We hear that, Priyanka Chopra is the one who refused the film, as she’s busy trying hard to get a toe-hold in the Salman Khan camp. More over, she is too busy with her international tours, music and other Bollywood projects, and wants to concentrate on her career alone, as of now.

Well, on second thoughts, did she really reject Shahrukh Khan or is she scared of Gauri.. *wink*

Okay, so we don’t really know what the actual truth and to be honest, deep down, we don’t want to believe any of the above stated, since it will shatter some of our illusions. But we do know that they share a close friendship with a lot of respect thrown into the equation, and give a damn as to what families, friends, fans and others say.

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