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Alia Bhatt, somone who runs in and out of the gossip mills!

Alia Bhatt’s life is no less than a film. Full on entertaining, colorful and masaledar! She is 19, and normally girls of her age would study and go to college, but Ms Bhatt is not someone from the herd, she is a trend setter. Seriously, she is suppose to be studying but what do we see her do instead? Play a typical rich and glamorous school girl wearing the most expensive brands for a casual evening in films. All of this happens only in films yaar!

Actually that explains a lot about her poor general knowledge. When asked on Koffee With Karan who is the prime mister of India, she said Pritvi Raj Chauhan. Seriously Alia? That’s why we say education is a must to avoid making a fool out of yourself on national TV peep!

Her personal life is nothing less. See when her first film Student Of The Year released that launched Alia Bhatt with two hotties, Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra, the rumor mill was ablaze with rumors about this awesome threesome. Oops! I didn’t mean that, I meant rumors of Alia dating Varun started doing the rounds and then it was Siddharth and then Varun and then Sidhharth. Ufff! Just like their film, apparently Alia too in real life was confused about them. So finally she took a call and ran to Arjun Kapoor. Yes, now this new kid on the block is her co star from her upcoming film 2 States where she plays the role of a typical Tamil Brahmin (let’s see if she can outbeat or at least match Deepika’s standards in Chennai Express).

Her upcoming film Highway is finally throwing some light on her acting on not just her looks, glamorous fashion statements or her boyfriend. Well Alia your life is more colorful than the rainbow!
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