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Priyanka Chopra: From national star to international super star!

The last one and a half years has defined Priyanka Chopra, rather it has transformed her being a national star to an international phenomenon. So much has happened in her life that we will fall short of time when we talk about it, like she mentioned on twitter “.. so much happened that I’d like to forget and yet so much that I want to remember.” It has been an incredible journey of maddening success and living out of the suitcase.

The airport has become her second home, considering the fact that she is flying every other day! Her album Exotic with rapper Pitbull was a huge hit and established her as a global phenomenon. She is also the first Indian actress to become the brand ambassador of Guess campaign, this is not just and an ad campaign but a life time privilege.

Back home, her rustic jig in the film Ramleela went viral within minutes of being uploaded and won her a lot of applause. Her film Krrish 3 created magic at the box office. But all these celebrations don’t really matter to be PC for she has lost the only constant valentine, or man of her life to a long battle against cancer. Her father Dr Ashok Chopra passed away leaving a void that she thinks no man can ever fill. She hasn’t been able to deal with it and calls herself an “espacist”. So much so that she got back to work within days of his passing away to escape the mourning, perhaps she is someone who doesn’t have the strength to battle something as grievous as this or she doesn’t want to.

Being a public figure many people often take for granted their personal life, as if it is meant to be a mockery for pure entertainment. There has been speculation about her personal life too, some routine gossip and some harsh news. But Priyanka Chopra says a woman should always maintain grace and that is exactly how she has been.

Might she be going through a galore of emotion battle, all of that is hid beneath her skin and all we get to see is the gorgeous diva flashing smiles carrying her confidance and effortelessly tackling the most controversial statements. Way to go PC!

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