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Gulaab Gang director Soumik Sen’s blog: When I met Madhuri

When Gulaab Gang’s director Soumik Sen met Madhuri Dixit, he instantly became her fan. Here is an excerpt from Soumik Sen’s Blog.

She was in Denver. But I was told by Rikkuji, her then secretary that she does come down for Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa. And a meeting was set up. Meetings with Rikkuji followed and then I was told I could meet her. For 15 minutes. Kempt, shaved and armed with the first draft and songs in my head (had composed Gan Gan and Sharm Laaj by then) I would try and make the pitch.

Her driver Karan, ever-effusive and smiling, gave me the first hint that she was planning to come down. He had been her boy since he was 14 or 16, and was really glad that he was back to working with her. Tea followed and in between Rikkuji’s incomprehensible words of encouragement, I was told Bhavna Somaiyya had come to pay her regards. So I waited. For around half an hour when I was told she is expecting me.

I walked in. And the first thing that struck me was – is there an extra mini bulb/ secret reflector in the room. Or is that…

And then she smiled.

And my inquisition was answered. It was just her.

No Oral B can ever give you that smile. No matter how many times a day you brush.

And before similar metaphors involving light and luminosity digress me away, I had to remember – here I was telling her that I’m gonna pitch her a film. Without a hero. That requires her to do her own stunts. Which is set in a deglam world, and is being directed by a man who has just written scripts so far.

She heard the story. The basic premise.

My 15 minutes were up. And she said she’d like a full narration. To which I did mention ‘great, that it is going to another day since I’m a trifle nervous’, to which she giggled.

And like the first time Bhoothnath raised his eyes to behold Choti Bahu, I looked up. I don’t remember if my jaw dropped. But thankfully there were Marie biscuits on the table to save me from rapidly descending from director to fanboy mode, at the very first meeting.

Walking out with a silly smile, I knew that Rajjo could be an ethereal icon of inspirational splendor. But for that, I’d have to wait.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);}

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