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‘Desi Romance’ a club number from Shaadi Ke Side Effects gets released!

Yet another song from Shaadi Ke Side Effects,’Desi Romance’, just got released and this one is a club number. And you have got to watch the song to see how good a chemistry Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar share in it. We definitely did not expect that these two would actually be able to brew up any kind of chemistry when we’ve heard that they were getting together for the movie, but this song, proves that the duo have actually got some sizzling chemistry between them…and hence, Valentine’s day was the perfect choice for them to release the song we think.

And talking about the music, it was just great how the music director managed to make such a romantic song out of this peppy club number. It is definitely appreciable how he managed to bring in these two elements together into one song making the so romantic yet so danceable. Arjit Singh and Suchi’s magically mesmerizing voices have added to how beautiful the song is.

There’s one more thing we can’t not talk about, in Desi Romance and that would definitely be Farhan Akhtar’s dance. We seriously don’t understand how he managed to transform himself from the muscly and skinny Milkha Singh to the utterly gorgeous man in the song, dancing away like a pro (although he doesn’t possess any dance skills that we know of). You have got to watch the song to believe that it is that good..!


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