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9 Bollywood Actresses who went naked: Dare to Bare!!

Bollywood Actresses going naked was once an unthinkable thing, but nowadays its almost becoming a part of mainstream cinema! Be it in the form of an art movie, or a down-right sleaze movie, actresses are finding reasons and more reasons to come into the limelight by dropping the towels and finding their natural side!

#9: Udita Goswami: Emraan Hashmi met his match!

udita-goswami-nakedWe start off with a typical case of a young starlet who wanted to grab some… eyeballs. Cast opposite bollywood’s very own “serial kisser” Emraan Hashmi in the movie Zeher, Udita not only matched every kiss but she also went a step further by playing some strip poker of her own!

#8: Lisa Haydon: Lisa “who”?

lisa-hayden-nakedDon’t worry.. we won’t judge you either for not knowing who is Lisa Haydon. Apart from the fact that she is outrageously hot (which is the reason she is on this list in the first place), Lisa unfortunately has not had much success in film circles. Her topless strip dance in Rascals, though fantastic in itself, wasn’t enough to save the movie from its fate!

#7: Neha Dupia: Whhaaat? Yup.. you read that right!

neha-dhupia-nakedNeha Dhupia is not quite the name you would expect to see on this list, but hey lets face it.. when the towels drop, they stay dropped!! Neha was actually quite stunning and did a fabulous job in her movie Julie. One of her few hits, Neha was seen topless in quite a few scenes in this movie.
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#6: Nawab & Begum Uncesored!

kareena-kapoor-nakedThere are nude scenes, and then there are nude scenes. And then there is the scenes in Kurbaan. The passion and the intimacy on display between Saif Ali Khan and then girlfriend Kareena Kapoor was like fire in a haystack. It made everyone in Bollywood stand up and take notice. Dropping clothes was never this sexy!

#5: Barbari Mori: Hritik ki toh lag gaye…

barbara-mori-nakedIf impact is something we were looking for… this would definitely have to be in our top 3. I mean.. lets be honest… its been more than 2 years, and people are still talking about the alleged affair between Hritik Roshan and Barbara Mori. And can you really blame them? I mean, did you even see how hot they both were in Kites? Didn’t know whom to stare at 😉

#4: Bipasha Basu: Chocolate flavored sultry hotness!

bipasha-basu-nakedOk, this may not have been for a movie, but common… have u even seen her look here! In an exclusive shot with Maxim magazine, Bipasha bared it all, and man… did she rock or what! I mean to have beauty is one thing… but to be naked while being so beautiful!! Oye control yaar…

#3: Poonam Pandey: Bollywood’s very own temptress!

poonam-pandey-nakedNo guesses for why we’re including the much talked about Poonam Pandey in out list over here. Be it the r-rated twitter messages and photos she posts, or the strip tease videos that she apparently condems but posts for the entire world to see… Poonam is making every guy’s heart skip a beat!

#2: Sherlyn Chopra: Attention Monger.. very HOT attention monger!

sherlyn-chopra-nakedSo who’s looking forward to the release of Kamasutra 3D? Or rather… who is not? Lets be honest… we all know, even she knows it… Sherlyn Chopra is the biggest attention monger there is out there. But you can’t deny that she looks ridiculously stunning in the trailer of Kamasutra. If only she took herself more seriously and also tried acting a bit too!!

#1: Sunny Leone: Desi export, Hollywood import.. total jhakas package!

sunny-leone-nakedIt’s hard to understand how a conservative closed-minded society like ours was able to so easily accept Sunny Leone into mainstream cinema! I mean, we’re talking about an actress whose had several very public “experiences”… wonder what her costars must be thinking before they get ready to cozy up with her for a scene!! Her sleaze scenes with Randeep Hoods in Jism 2 must have been a walk in park given her colorful history!}} else {

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