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Watch Alok Nath turns into a ‘sanskaari’ rapper this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, watch the eternal ‘Babuji’ of the industry, actor Alok Nath turn into a ‘sanskaari’ rapper.

The actor will be seen advising animated characters on how to have a sanskaari V-Day. He will also be seen dancing with girls in his rapper getup. Says Nath, “The concept of Valentine’s Day has been there for ages. It could be for your wife, friend, girlfriend and parents. The video has been shot in a comic manner.”

Did he ever imagine he would become a rage online and also be called the epitome of sanskaar? “Not even in my wildest dreams. I met the guy who started off the whole Babuji jokes. I removed my chappal the moment I saw him. But that was all for fun. I told him that he has done what I couldn’t do in my 50-year career. I wanted to see the man who had the gall to crack such jokes,” says he.

Nath admits that he was initially disturbed with all the attention and becoming the butt of jokes. “Nobody wants to be a laughing stock. It came as a big jolt to me when I woke up to those jokes. My wife got scared. But then, we decided to laugh along,” says he.

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